April 27, 2013

Tomatoes Health Benefits For Pregnancy

health benefits of tomatoes for pregnancy
The needs of nutrients and vitamins for pregnant women are different from those who are not pregnant. Pregnant women need more intake of nutrients and vitamins to ensure the fetus in the womb can grow healthily, and also to make a pregnant woman's body stay strong and healthy of course.

And increase the consumption of fruits is one of the things that are highly recommended. Among the many options, tomatoes can be selected as a fresh and healthy snacks during pregnancy. Tomatoes are good for pregnancy.

Vitamin C and Iron In Tomatoes

As mentioned previously, vitamins in tomatoes quite a lot, especially for vitamin C. This vitamin is very important and necessary during pregnancy to keep yourself and your baby healthy. Vitamin C helps the formation of bones and teeth, as well as maintain healthy gums.

Vitamin C also helps the absorption of iron, which is an important and vital minerals during pregnancy. As you know, pregnant women need more iron intake. Because of this, many doctors recommend additional iron supplements to pregnant women. And consuming tomatoes may help your body better absorb iron from the food you consume.

Lycopene in Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a good source of lycopene, an antioxidant compound that is believed to protect cell damage in the body. Many Institutes of Health state that it is safe for pregnant women to consume foods that contain lycopene.

Although the safety of lycopene supplement for pregnant women still need further research. So if you are currently pregnant, do not hesitate to consume tomatoes to get the benefits of lycopene in it. All you have to avoid is taking lycopene supplements.

New Developments and Considerations

A new breakthrough made ​​by a plant biochemist at the University of Florida, which is engineered tomatoes that contain folate, the essential vitamin to avoid genetic defects in babies. All pregnant women are advised to be sure to get the right amount of these nutrients.

Folate usually found in dark green vegetables. Genetic engineering makes the tomatoes become a valuable source of folate. But this will still take many more years to be perfect.

Meanwhile, it turns out tomatoes also can cause discomfort for some pregnant women. During the second half of pregnancy, many pregnant women experience heartburn. Acidic foods like tomatoes may be able to exacerbate this problem in some pregnant women, and make heartburn worse. If you are experiencing heartburn, reduce the consumption of tomatoes and avoid other foods that cause digestive problems.

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