February 01, 2013

Tomatoes Health Benefits In General

tomatoes health benefits

Tomato plants originally came from around Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia are now spread almost all over the world. Tomato is a fruit that inserted in the vegetable group. Has many benefits for health and beauty. Tomatoes can be processed into various types of cuisine, such as for sauce ingredients, as a spice in cooking, salads and sandwiches, and can also be processed into pickles.

tomato juice health benefits

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, dietary fat, protein, sugar and water. Eating tomatoes regularly can prevent disease, as well as to cure and control of several diseases. There are at least 10 tomatoes health benefits for the human body, which are:

Top 10 Health Benefits of Tomatoes

1. Keeps Skin Healthy

Regular consumption of tomatoes will help make your skin look great. Tomatoes have lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protect skin against sun damage. It also makes skin less sensitive to ultraviolet light damage, one of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Also, tomatoes can be used to minimize large pores, heal acne and rashes or treat minor burns. Rubbing the pulp of tomatoes on dull skin is a simple way to revive a healthy glow.

2. Against Cancer

A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute suggests that eating more tomatoes lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

It may also decrease the risk of other cancers like lung, stomach, cervical, mouth, pharynx, throat, esophagus, colon, rectal, and ovarian cancer. This is primarily due to the antioxidant lycopene that is present in tomatoes.

A study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that the anti-cancer benefits of tomatoes are maximized when they are cooked with olive oil.

3. Supports Bone Health

Tomatoes are good for your bones due to the presence of vitamin K and calcium in them. Both these elements are excellent for strengthening and repairing bones.

The antioxidant lycopene also has been shown to improve bone mass, which is a great way to fight osteoporosis, a disease that can lead to bone fractures, disability, and deformity.

4. Improves Vision

The high amount of vitamins A and C in tomatoes can greatly help improve your vision and prevent night blindness. Recent research shows that the vitamin A in tomatoes helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a serious and irreversible eye condition.

Tomatoes also can reduce the risk of developing cataracts. Plus, tomatoes contain the phytochemical antioxidants zeaxanthin, lutein and lycopene. All these compounds protect the eyes from light damage.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Tomatoes, which are rich in potassium, can help lower blood pressure. It has been found that blood pressure can rise when your diet lacks potassium, especially if you consume too much sodium. Potassium helps flush sodium from your body.

Just one cup of fresh tomatoes contains 11.4 percent of your daily requirement of potassium, so eating more tomatoes is a great way to fight high blood pressure and reduce the risk of various heart diseases.

At the same time, tomatoes contain an array of powerful nutrients like lycopene, vitamins A and C, fiber, and carotenoids that work together to reduce the risk of heart disease.

6. Reduces Chronic Pain

Tomatoes can even reduce chronic pain, due to the presence of anti-inflammatory agents like bioflavonoids and carotenoids. Those who regularly suffer from mild to moderate pain often have inflammation. Reducing inflammation will automatically bring pain relief.

A study found that drinking a glass of tomato juice daily can reduce blood levels of TNF-alpha, which causes inflammation, by 34 percent. Tomatoes are a good food for people suffering from chronic, degenerative health problems like heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

7. Reduces Hair Problems

Tomatoes can even make your hair look better. The vitamins (especially vitamin A) and iron present in tomatoes help strengthen hair as well as add shine to dull, damaged and lifeless locks.

Plus, the acidity in tomatoes helps balance the pH levels in your hair, which in turn helps remove hair colors and dyes and maintain your hair’s natural color.

If you have an itchy scalp and dandruff, simply apply fresh tomato juice on your scalp and hair after shampooing, leave it in for four to five minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Note: Do not use tomatoes on your hair on a regular basis as their acidity can leave your hair dry.

8. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Tomatoes are a great food for diabetics to lower their blood sugar levels. They contain very little carbohydrates, which helps control the urine glucose level.

They are also a very good source of chromium that helps regulate blood sugar, as well as fiber, which has been shown to keep blood sugar levels from getting too high.

Several studies have shown that the antioxidants in tomatoes also provide protection to the kidneys and bloodstream, two areas frequently affected by diabetes. Finally, a low-calorie food like tomatoes can be helpful for diabetics trying to lose weight.

9. Controls Weight

Tomatoes can help you lose weight also. Tomatoes are very low in fat and have zero cholesterol. They contain lots of water and fiber, so they help your stomach fill up fast without a lot of calories.

So, if you are planning to lose weight, include lots of tomatoes into your diet plan. You can eat them raw like an apple or add them to salads, casseroles, sandwiches and other meals.

10. Promotes Sound Sleep

According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, those who consume more lycopene enjoy better sleep compared with people who do not. Tomatoes contain a good amount of lycopene.

Also, including higher levels of vitamin C in your diet can promote sound sleep and tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C. So, if you are not sleeping properly, try eating tomato soup or a salad with tomatoes at dinner time.

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