February 02, 2013

Tomatoes Benefits for Skin Beauty

Tomatoes not only have many benefits for your health, but it turns out tomatoes are also very useful for maintaining skin beauty. Tomatoes are a fruit that is inserted into the vegetables. Having a high content of vitamins A, C, E, iron, and potassium. In addition, tomatoes also contain high antioxidant and astringent substances which are very good for maintaining skin beauty.

tomatoes benefits for skin beauty

Utilization of tomatoes to nourish skin beauty has actually been done for a long time ago, particularly to address blackheads and oily skin problems. However, several recent studies have provided additional information about the benefits of tomatoes for skin health and beauty. Here are some benefits of tomato for skin beauty:

4 Beauty Benefits of Tomatoes for Your Skin

1. As Natural Sunscreen

Tomatoes can be used as a natural sunscreen to prevent your skin from sunburn. The trick is by smoothing the tomatoes and rub it on the skin that is exposed to direct sunlight.

Not only serves as a natural sunscreen, if your skin becomes inflamed due to sunburn, you can also add a bit of yogurt in tomatoes that have been crushed, and then rub it on the parts that become inflamed.

2. For Skin Lightening and Addressing Blackheads

The content of citric acid in tomatoes is very useful to remove dirt and reduce oil production. That's why tomatoes are very useful to lighten the skin and overcome blackheads.

For normal to dry skin, you can mix the tomatoes with avocado for maximum results. The way is by mashing tomatoes and avocado, then apply to the face as a mask and leave on for 20-30 minutes. After that wash with cold water.

the benefits of tomatoes for skin care

3. To Overcome Oily Skin

To overcome oily skin is very easy. Simply cut the tomatoes into 2 parts, then squeeze and filter it. Add a little cucumber juice into your tomato juice. Then apply the mixture with a cotton swab to the entire surface of the face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Then wash with warm water.

4. For Anti Aging

High content of antioxidants and lycopene makes tomatoes very powerful as a natural anti-aging. The combination of these two substances works to counteract free radicals and protect skin cells from damage.

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